Sunday, January 29, 2006


I'm hyped. My first novel, When A Sistah's FED UP, has made the Dallas Morning News Bestseller list! This is a photo of my friend Lora and I celebrating the good news. That's me on the right.
I'm not one to brag or rest on my laurels 'cause I haven't like cured a disease or anything (yet), but I am going to pause a moment and smile. I've worked my tail off to bring this project to fruition. With a lot of help from family/friends and a lot of prayer, it has come to past. My first two books were nonfiction, but When A Sistah's Fed Up is 40% imagination, 40% observation, and 20% life lessons. The main character Faith Henry has the Superwoman syndrome. She's mayor, wife, mom, volunteer, cook, counselor, and everything else for everyone else. Her to-do list is so full she doesn't have space to put herself on it. Consequently, she suffers from "spiritual anorexia." I believe the soul is immortal, but the spirit, our passion for existence, dies a slow, painful death when we stop feeding it things we enjoy. The thing I enjoy most other than my loved ones is writing. I learned the hard way I must make time to pursue my passion. If I could only make one point with this novel, with my life, actually, I think it would be --- don't forget to have fun sometimes. In the final season of life, who reminisces over pictures from work?