Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Rainy Night in Texas

Well, actually, that's a sunny day in Shreveport, Texas. I was there last weekend for the Romance Slam Jam Conference. My mother and I went. It was her birthday. I won't say how old she is, but she looks great. I suppose it wasn't much of a present to take her to a writing conference, but that's all I had. She enjoyed it. (She said.) We went to this park by the river and it was lovely. I wish the weather was warm and dry tonight. It has rained nine inches and it hasn't stopped. A block from my home, the rain in the river that used to be a creek is French kissing the bank. I expect it to be in the street by morning if we don't get a pardon from the sky very soon. My sense of panic rises with each raindrop. Flash flood warnings are being broadcast nonstop. They've warned us not to drive unless we have to. If the rain reaches the end of my cul-de-sac, driving is not an option. My oldest son is home from college so we have another vehicle to load with as many belongings as possible in the event we must evacuate. I don't think I have flood insurance because it hasn't flooded here in a hundred years. I read my policy but it's a bunch of gibberish. I see water damage but nothing about floods. I was rushed to ER from the office on Wednesday because of stabbing chest pains. Now this. We've moved some electronic stuff upstairs and put chairs on the tables. I'm sure it's unnecessary but I keep thinking of Katrina and how some of those folks might have thought the water wouldn't come through the levees. Then again, some people did know; they knew a lot more than they (fore)told. Perhaps someone hasn't told me everything about the river that once was a creek - the brown water rapids less than a football field away from my precious photo albums. I've packed medicine, my laptop, a few clothes, my Bible, and a check my son got for his birthday. Fifty dollars seemed like an enormous amount of money when he received that check. My deductible is gonna laugh at fifty dollars. That's the deductible for the insurance I might not have. Hmmm. I need to check the news. I dunno why I'm doing this now. It's been a month since I blogged. I guess I'm nervous. I usually clean when I'm nervous.
Surely the water won't come this far...Will it?